Seraphim at mid-Winter

Posted By on January 11, 2016

Dear Lords and Ladies!

The days are getting longer, and the mysteriously warm weather haunts us. Not quite as warm as last summer though!

Seraphim will visit the estate of Chesterbrook, in the borough of Falls Church, Virginia on Saturday, 16 January, the year of our Lord 2016, at 2 of the clock. Chesterbrooke may be found at 2030 Westmoreland St, Falls Church, VA 22043 Phone:(703) 531-0781

We were quite overwhelmed when King Henry VIII (God Save the King!) favoured us with his presence during the singing of the song to the Lady Greensleeves, which he had himself composed!

The days are growing longer, but will it ever get really cold this winter?  For those not familiar with Seraphim, we are a women’s vocal ensemble. We perform at the fall Renn Faire, at restaurants, parties, and  historic houses during the Christmas season, and at  appropriate  venues during the spring and summer with our 1940’s and Renaissance shows.  At Chesterbrook, we have a one hour stage show, in which we use  dialog, acting,  and Renaissance songs and dances to tell a story, usually to do with love, and a wealth of music written by none other than our Good King, Henry VIII.

Shoot False Love

Shoot False Love

We celebrate King Henry’s (God Save the King!) reign, are joined by the very devout Lady Ellen, and have a new “feminist” song where the maiden comes out on top.  We are pleased to welcome back Master Erik on the guitar. So, follow us to Chesterbrook, come and take a look!

Lady Phyllis, Lady Ellen, Lady Kathleen, Mistress Martha, and Lady Charlotte